In 1981 I would have what would be the first of a number of stays at MacDowell, an interdisciplinary artist residence in Peterborough, New Hampshire, perfect for finding peace and and solitude to work on projects or develop new ideas. It was my first residency fellowship, and one that was exciting and terrifying. My studio was a small charming building, not too far from the main lodge where we ate breakfast and dinner. It was winter. Heavy snow. Because I'd arrived there with some big expectations to make a break-through, I decided to begin each morning with a meditation in ink on paper. I allowed myself about 1/2 an hour to make these meditations. They would in fact lead me to the next stage of my work. Looking back at the series (not wishing to show or share at that time), I see so many ideas that would pop up later. Here are 30 of the 45 ink drawings - made with brush, pen and feather. Sometimes I'd add a charcoal line, but more or less, these were ink on paper.