2020 began normally...

Most of us started the new year with lots of promise on the horizons. The Grid series, which I'd begun last year had grown into projections and new forms from the separate watercolor sections.

Luckily, before all our lives changed, I had an opportunity to share some of these directions in a multi-disciplinary residency/seminar in Paris in mid-January. Sponsored by L'AiR Arts, it included 17 other artists of different disciplines from all over the world. Now, looking back, it seems to be an extra special time to have experienced Paris, as well as the special input of international creative persons.

See my Instagram accounts for more photographs and contextual information about the talk, however, at least for now, the pandemic took away my interest and I have not posted in Instagram since March of 2020.

. @martie_holmer and @tuxedo_mart.