Temporal Circle  was a wall work created in 65 days, of 65 inches, documented as it grew and was eventually torn apart.  A stop motion video was made of the piece. 

Luminous Ephemera  and the wall works that have been the initiation for this series, Whispers, were begun in January 2016, with no particular venue in mind for exhibiting them. An opportunity arose in February, and this large installation, made in 30 inch sections, will travel to Italy and be shown in the exhibition space of Paolo Monti, in June 2016. 


Past Present  is from the first series of ephemera works, 2015. Painted on advertising tear sheets, the images beneath create the first layer of color, the work is then emphasized and changed with additional pigment.  Attached together like a quilt, this work was the inspiration for Luminous Ephemera